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Fun Travel Alliance

WOC allied with tourist factories in Taoyuan, Guanxi, and New Taipei City and museums in Northern Taiwan to expand the tourism options for our guests.

WOC Alliance Offer:
Present the ticket stubs or ticket uniform invoice of our members of alliance upon purchasing WOC admission tickets, you will get a discount price of $399 NT per person!

Members of Alliance Offer:
Guests of WOC, save your ticket uniform invoice!
Bring it to our members of alliance and enjoy various alliance deals each member offered!

Details & Exclusions:
1. Alliance offer valid through 2021/12/31.
2. Offer requires original ticket stubs and ticket uniform invoice from the year of 2021.
3. Ticket stubs without admission date stamped or printed on are ineligible for this offer.
4. Each WOC ticket invoice can only exchange the alliance deals from each member once. Each ticket stub from our members of alliance can purchase one WOC discount ticket. For ticket uniform invoice from our members of alliance, the number of WOC discount tickets can be purchased equal to the number of admission tickets purchased and shown on the invoice.
5. Group entry is ineligible for this offer.
6. This alliance offer cannot be combined with other promotion deals.
7. Window on China Theme Park reserves the right to modify or terminate this alliance offer at any time without notice.
8. This English version of details and exclusions is prepared for convenience only. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.