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Mini World
A small world that shows you all!
Constructing with a ratio of 1:25, all miniature architectures in Window on China present to you the finest details and artistry. In here, traveling around the world is never a dream!
Amusement Park
Fun and excitement never ends!
Outdoor adventures, indoor enjoyment, and many more exciting rides with unlimited fun are all here in Window on China, your best choice for a great family vacation!
Water Park
Splish, Splash and ready to get Wet!
The coolest splashes, the twisted slides, the craziest waves are all here at our summer-only Jumbo Wave Water Park! Get ready and explore the splashing fun!
Dance, groove and sing along!
Fun-filled shows and entertainment for guests of all ages!
Hmmm~~so Good!
Zhejiang Chinese Cuisine, Japanese shabu-shabu hot pot, delicious fried goods and many more mouthwatering delicacies that will satisfy all hungry adventurers!