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A Miniature World Full of Dreams

A dream to create a magical kingdom,Window On China Theme Park opened on July 7th, 1984.

Founder and chairman Chu Chung-hung had been traveling overseas when he came across miniature models of landmark buildings. At the time he thought: "Wouldn't it be great to have a dedicated miniature buildings theme park in Taiwan as well?" Upon his return to Taiwan, he recruited professional model makers to make this dream come true.

Together they built the Window on China containing major landmarks from around the world. It was not an easy journey. The team had to wrack their brains and overcome many difficulties to create the world-class theme park and tourist destination we see today.

Chairman Chu's strict standards extended to everything from the number of bricks in a building to the scale of the plants.

The wrong scale or an incorrect number of bricks meant everything had to start again from scratch. The 133 miniature landmarks within the park are all perfectly presented on a 1 to 25 scale to the original building. Many people wonder at the insistence on a 1/25 scale, since most countries only reduced it to at most a 1/15 scale.

"1 to 25 really shows off the fine detailing of the buildings! This way tourists can experience the models at their best and most artistic, realizing the goal of "Visit Window on China and See the World!"

Difficulties with setting up molds and acquiring research data along with countless setbacks, including eight years without income, stood in the team's way. They did not give up however and persevered. Eventually, their dream kingdom was finally opened to the public in all of its glory.

A Place for Family Fun

In order to reach excellence, Window on China Theme Park has been proving its equipment and rides. It really has fun and challenging land and water wonderlands. Outdoor rides include cute Strawberry Wheel, Little Pilot, Jumping Stars, and many more where every child will definitely have a lot of fun all day. Indoor rides include everyone's favorite Merry-go-round, Wild UFO, Bumper Car, and the only one in Taiwan, an indoor roller coaster. Here, you can spend all your time whether it's sunny or rainy!

Join the Adventure on Land or in Water To provide a cool space for the guests, Window on China Theme Park spent billion dollars to build a new water park. This new water wonderland includes a mega water fountain maze slide imported from Canada – the "Water Mania"; the only one around the world, the wild water rafting "Crazy Rapid; over 2000 different power water jets and water-pouring buckets "Thumderstorm"; kids favorite "Baby Captain", "Family Castle Water Pool"; most thrilling 12-story high on-water roller coaster "Jumbo Wave"; most relaxing "Nile Beach" and many more exciting water facilities that will give you an exceptional cooling blast!

Window on China Theme Park has been awarded many times as the "Best Travel Site", and the "Best Private Wonderland for Foreign Tourists" among many others. You can entirely relax and see the worldwide wonders in the mini-sized model areas at Window on China Theme Park on a short vacation, and experience the beauty of Taiwan all in one adventure.

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